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The Bidding Process: Point of View of the Requisitioner
When there is a need for items by a program, you may be contacted and asked for assistance with specifications. This may require a meeting; if necessary we may create an Ad Hoc Committee to create a good solid specification.

  • BOCES will advertise the bid in Newsday, Suffolk edition. By law, the bid must be advertised in the official Newspaper of record and five (5) days must elapse between the advertisement date and the bid opening; however, we prefer to give the vendors two to three weeks, on average. This fosters a fair and open competitive bidding process. BOCES will be happy to accept known available sources and include them in the bid solicitation.
  • The bid is publicly opened on the specified day advertised in Newsday. No bids are accepted after the time and date indicated in the Notice to Bidders.
  • Once received, the bid is analyzed to determine the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. • A recommendation for award or rejection is then submitted to the BOCES Board for approval.
  • Once approved/rejected by the BOCES Board, letters are sent to participating vendors notifying them of the outcome of the bid.
  • This process can take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks, depending on the complexity of the bid and the date of the Board meetings.
1. What is the purchasing function?
2. What are the objectives of the purchasing function?
3. Why do we have a Purchasing Office?
4. Who is responsible for meeting the legal statutes?
5. Can other administrators legally purchase supplies, materials or services for the BOCES?
6. Who determines if supplies or equipment should be procured through bidding or purchased on the open market?
7. What are the typical steps in the process of requesting supplies or equipment?
8. Why do I need to fill out a Purchase Requisition for my program needs?
9. Can the description or specification of an item include a brand name?
10. If I don’t have complete details, is there a quick and easy source for this information?
11. If I intend to only lease the equipment, do I have to go through the same steps?
12. Do we have to deal with more than one vendor?
13. Can I determine who the vendor is for my supply/equipment/service needs?
14. How do I know that I am getting the right item at the best possible cost?
15. How will I know if, when and to what supplier my request has been issued?
16. What is involved in the receipt of supply or equipment orders?
17. How long should it take for my supplies to arrive after a purchase order is issued?
18. Are there any instances under which supplies or equipment can be ordered and delivered without the assignments of a purchase order?
19. If supplies are not received after a reasonable length of time, what action should be taken?
20. Does New York State Law cover the need and process for competitive bidding in school districts and BOCES?
21. What are the procedures to be followed when purchasing supplies and services involving expenditures under the $20,000 and $50,000 limits?
22. Under circumstances of a “public emergency” can supplies or equipment be purchased without competitive bidding?
23. Is there a clear distinction made between the terms “purchase contract” and “public works”?
24. Are there any services which would be exempt from competitive bidding?
25. Are supplies or services provided by monopolies regulated by the competitive bidding law?
26. Is it possible to purchase used surplus supplies and equipment without competitive bidding?
27. Is it necessary to follow bid requirements for textbooks or library books?
28. If I am going to use both Federal Grant funds and BOCES General Funds to purchase similar items, when each fund will contribute less than the statutory limit of $20,000, is it necessary to go to competitive bidding?
29. Can bid specifications include brand names in the description of items?
30. Who determines if a vendor is a responsible bidder?
31. If only one bid is received, must it be rejected for lack of competition?
32. If there are identical low bids, must all bids be rejected and re-advertised?
33. What are some of the most common causes for rejecting bids?
34. If a bid proposal list consists of a long list of items, must the award be based on a total bid?
35. If the expenditure for single items such as pens, pencils or staples does not exceed $20,000 can the BOCES purchase these items without competitive bids?
36. Instead of competitively bidding the requirement to buy supply items costing over $20,000.00, may BOCES split the order in two lots during the school year, part in July and part in January?
37. How detailed should a bid specification be?
38. Is it possible for several districts to enter into agreements for the joint purchase of supplies, equipment and services?
39. Do reimbursable supplies required in a BOCES Career and Technical Education Program have to be competitively bid?
40. Can a BOCES enter into Installment Purchase contracts for the procurement of equipment?
41. What are the guidelines used by the Purchasing Office in processing requirements for supplies, equipment and services?
42. Other than in times of true emergency, are there legal exceptions to competitive bidding?
43. What are State Contracts and how can BOCES make use of them?
44. Does the use of State Contracts require advance notice of a BOCES’ intent to purchase supplies?
45. What other items are available under State Contracts?
46. What are the benefits from purchasing through State Contracts?
47. Are there any drawbacks to ordering through State Contracts?
48. Are there other sources of supplies which can be obtained without competitive bidding?
49. What products are available through the NYS department of Correctional Services, Division of Industries?
50. What is the typical delivery time for items purchased from the NYS Department of Correctional Services – Division of Industries?
51. Where can I get a complete catalog and price information on these products?
52. Are products purchased from the Industries for the Blind of New York State, Inc. (IBNYS) governed by the competitive bidding laws?
53. What products are available from the Industries for the Blind?
54. Are items purchased from New York Industries for the Disabled (NYSID) governed by competitive bidding?
55. What supply items are available from (NYSID)?
  • To access all bid information from Western Suffolk BOCES
  • To find results of all bids from Western Suffolk BOCES

Western Suffolk BOCES has joined the Empire State Purchasing System for soliciting bids from suppliers AND posting the bid results after the bids have been closed, reviewed and approved by the Board.

This system will provide companies with convenient online access to all bid information for Western Suffolk BOCES and more than 100 governmental agencies across New York. If you are currently registered as a supplier on this system with another entity, you do not need to register again. For help registering, call the technical support department at IPT by BidNet at 1-800-835-4603.

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