Certification Concerns

Certification Office

Program #602
Certification Office
631/549-4900, ext. 257

The State Education Department has authorized this office to evaluate and recommend certification for most areas of the professional service.  Professional employees referred by participating districts receive prompt responses to questions concerning certification status.

NOTE:  Applicants from other states applying for New York State teacher or administrator certification cannot use the services of a BOCES certification office.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Regional Certification Office?
What are the basic requirements to teach in a New York public school district?
Where may I be employed with a New York State teaching certificate?
Can I obtain an Application for Certification from the Regional Certification Office?
Do I need to make an appointment to receive assistance from the Regional Certification Office?
Do I have to apply for a New York State teacher certificate if I have a certificate from another state?
If I hold a certificate from another state, am I automatically entitled to a New York State certificate?
Can the Regional Certification Office issue my certificate?
How long does it take to actually receive my certificate(s) in the mail?
How do I contact the NYS Education Department's Office of Teaching if I have questions?

Contact Us

If your question is not given here, contact the Certification Office at certification@wsboces.org


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Apply online for certification through the NYS Education Department.