James E. Allen Elementary School

762 Deer Park Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746
Program #243.010, 244.010
Kimberly Cooper, Principal 
(631) 254-0094

Students displaying a wide variation of disabilities, ages five through twelve, are educated at the elementary school of the Special Education Division. This program provides instruction in basic skills of reading, writing, communication, and math. For those students with multiple disabilities, instructional emphasis is on Activities of Daily Living, mobility and basic communication. Classes are available for students requiring Option III, IIIA and IV class size mandates.

In addition to basic classroom instruction, students may receive adaptive physical education if needed. An enrichment program in basic skills and basic technology education is part of the core curriculum which assists students in preparing for the New York State standardized tests or Alternate Assessments. A wide range of special activities help stimulate each student’s social skills. In addition, some students receive services from a consulting psychiatrist.

Classes are available in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Applied Verbal Behavior (AVB). The services of a consulting psychiatrist are provided to students in the Intensive Counseling Experience (ICE) program.

Available Class Size Groupings