Administrative Support Programs


Personnel Services


Program # 602.010

Certification Office

Paula Klingelhoefer , 631/549-4900, ext. 257

The State Education Department has authorized this office to evaluate and recommend certification for all areas of the professional service with the exception of the following certificates: School District Administrator, School Business Administrator, Occupational Education Services, Bilingual Education, English as a Second Language, Supplementary Licenses, Technology Education and Educational Technology Specialist.  Professional employees referred by participating districts receive prompt responses to questions concerning certification status.  Information regarding changes in certification regulations is disseminated regularly with explanatory notes; workshops are conducted for superintendents, personnel administrators and clerical staff.


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Program # 628

Online Application System
Paula Klingelhoefer, 631/549-4900, ext. 206

Use the power of the internet to find the employees you need.  This web-based system will help your district save money on employment advertising and on logging in and sorting applicants.  Most importantly, you'll expand the applicant pool for those hard-to-fill positions.  Save money and time with this convenient and user-friendly system.

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Program # 649.010

AESOP - Automated Educational Substitute Operator
Paula Klingelhoefer, 631/549-4900, ext. 206

This is a web-based substitute placement service for K-12 school districts.  Remotely hosted integrated telephone and internet system means no equipment costs or impact on your local servers.  AESOP is available 24/7 by web or by phone, saving hours of manual sub-calling.  Real-time absence data analysis and reporting, as well as payroll interface-ready reports are available.

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Program #607.013

Superintendent's Hearing Services

Barbara Graziano, 631/595-6802

This service offers assistance in conducting hearings, reviewing records, and interviewing witnesses resulting in a written report with recommendations to the Superintendent.


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Other Services


Program #520.010


Susan E. Smith, 631/549-4900, ext. 224

This service can design and typeset brochures, newsletters, reports, NCR, and booklets using desktop publishing. Our Apple McIntosh system is compatible with Windows' documents. A high speed Xerox Nuvera 120 can produce high quality copying for school districts. Maximum paper size of 11" x 17" can be collated, folded and stitched.


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Program #618.010

Insurance Management Service
Warren E. Taylor, 631/549-4900, ext. 210

Flexible Benefits--Section 125 Program

This program develops and administers a Section 125 Flexible Benefits Plan for employees of a school district.


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Program #635.010

Public Information Service
Susan E. Smith
, 631/549-4900 ext. 224

Comprehensive Service
Shared professional staff will provide a comprehensive school public relations program. Overall program coordinator will train staff and supervise the planning, organizing and implementation of a public information program in each district. In addition, the coordinator will conduct training and planning sessions for in-district staff and/or board members to help them build a comprehensive public relations program that addresses concerns within their community. Cost associated with printing of developed public relations materials are not covered by this service.

Project-by-Project Service
Districts can avail themselves of professional staff for individual projects such as budget brochures, calendars, newsletters or the coordination of any other public relations project.


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Program #321.010

Shared School Lunch Supervisor
Paula Klingelhoefer
, 631/549-4900, ext. 204

Western Suffolk BOCES will employ a school lunch supervisor to be shared between two or more districts. This supervisor will oversee the food service program in participating districts; oversee and direct the preparation of menus; train and supervise food service employees; and oversee and direct the food procured by districts.

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Purchasing Services

Lorraine Hein, CPPB

631/549-4900, ext. 292

The Purchasing Department manages the purchasing needs of this BOCES including the development of bid specifications and the review of bids. The department is also available to assist school districts in efforts to increase their purchasing power.


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