Admission Process

  • Applications are accepted throughout the year. The Pre-Entrance Packet, which will be emailed to prospective students who contact the Health Careers office at 631-261-3751 x245, provides the basic information you need to begin the application process.
  • To be considered for admission, prospective students must take the pre-entrance exam (TEAS) that tests essential academic skills. Register here.  Select Western Suffolk BOCES as the receiving institution. Follow up by calling the Health Careers Office at 631-261-3721 x245 to confirm your results have been received. Candidates must achieve above the 50th percentile in reading, math, English and science on the TEAS to continue the application process. Please note: The TEAS exam may be taken once a semester (120 days) for a total of two times to be considered for admission.
  • After you are admitted into the school, Western Suffolk BOCES will notify you of the date of registration.

Admission Requirements

The School of Practical Nursing at Western Suffolk BOCES reserves the right to deny admission based upon failure to complete admission requirements.

  1. Official transcript indicating high school diploma or equivalency
  2. Satisfactory achievement the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) (see above)
      • If you have a current IEP and are requesting testing modifications, call (631) 261-3721.
  1. Personal interview and writing sample.
  2. Proof of citizenship or legal residency.
  3. References
  4. Meet all technical standards.
  5. Student Liability Insurance
  6. CPR Certification


Programs details and policies are described in full in the Practical Nursing Handbook. Read carefully.