Admission: Radiologic Technology

Admission Criteria

The School of Radiologic Technology reserves the right to deny admission based upon failure to complete all admission requirements.

Admission Process

Completed applications must be submitted by March 1 for the upcoming September class.

Take the pre-entrance exam (TEAS) that tests essential academic skills. Register here.  Select Western Suffolk BOCES as the receiving institution. Follow up by calling the Radiologic Technology office (631-261-3721 x245) to confirm your results have been received. A score of 50.0% or higher is required in each section to continue the application process. Please note: The TEAS exam may be taken once a semester (120 days) for a total of two times to be considered for admission.

Your TEAS exam results will be reviewed by Western Suffolk BOCES and you will be notified if you qualify for admission. Once notified, you may begin the application process listed below.

  1. Request official high school and college transcripts – Official Transcripts must be sent directly to the Radiologic Technology Office:
    Western Suffolk BOCES
    School of Radiologic Technology
    152 Laurel Hill Road,
    Northport, NY 11768 
  2. References/ Recommendation (4):
    a. Three (3) references from non-family members (two professional references, one personal reference)
    b. One (1) letter of recommendation
    The attached forms must be completed and sent directly to the Radiologic Technology office by the person who is making the reference.
  3. Write a personal essay
  4. Fill out an application for the Western Suffolk BOCES Radiologic Technology program, providing all the needed documentation ($60 non-refundable application fee payable by certified check/money order due the day of your interview). Submit completed application and personal essay by email to or mail to: Western Suffolk BOCES – School of Radiologic Technology 152 Laurel Hill Rd. Northport, NY 11768
  5. Schedule an interview (usually May or June).
  6. Pass a 10-pont drug screening test. (Student will be notified when required)

*Reminder: References, recommendation, high school and college transcripts must be sent directly to the Radiologic Technology Office by issuer.

Admission is not guaranteed. Acceptance, wait-list, and rejection letters are usually sent by late June or early July.

Admission Requirements

    • Minimum of 18 years of age
    • High School Diploma or equivalent
    • Associate Degree from an accredited school, preferably including the following courses:
      • Anatomy & Physiology I & II
      • General Psychology
      • English Composition
      • College Math or above
      • Physics for Health Careers
    • Minimum college GPA of C or better (≥ 2.0)
    • Good physical and mental health
      • Able to hear, smell, touch, and distinguish colors
      • Demonstrates 20/20 or 20/30 vision with or without corrective lenses
      • Clearly communicates verbally and in writing
      • Able to hear a patient calling for assistance ten feet away
      • Able to bend, stoop, push and pull
      • Demonstrates manual dexterity in gross and fine movements
      • Has full use of arms and legs
      • Able to push a wheelchair, assist in transferring up to 150 lbs., and lift 25 lbs.
      • Able to reach up to six feet
    • 50% or better score on the pre-entrance (TEAS) exam (this does not guarantee acceptance into the program)
    • Foreign education students must contact one of the following for evaluation of their high school transcripts:
      • World Education Services, Inc.
        PO Box 5087
        Bowling Green Station
        New York, NY 10274-5087
        Phone: (212) 966-6311
        Fax: (212) 739-6100
      • Global Language Services, Inc. Evaluation Service
        319 Broadway
        New York, NY 10007
        Phone: (212) 227-1994
        Fax: (212) 693-1289