Admission: Radiologic Technology

Admission Criteria

Applications are being accepted beginning January, 2021.

The School of Radiologic Technology reserves the right to deny admission based upon failure to complete all admission requirements. Non-credit courses do not count.  Candidates must have achieved a grade of C or better in each required course. These credits must be credit-bearing, college-level courses from an accredited college taken within the last 10 years prior to acceptance into the program. Online college-level courses for an accredited college will be accepted for English, Psychology and Math only.

The Student:

    • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age
    • Must have completed and graduated from an approved Associate degree program
      • Preferred completion of Anatomy & Physiology I & II (6 Credits)
      • Preferred completion of General Psychology 101 (3 Credits)
      • Preferred completion of English Composition 101 (3 Credits)
      • Must have completed College Algebra or higher level Math course (3 Credits)
      • Must have completed Physics for Health Careers (3 Credits)
    • Must have submitted a formal application to the School of Radiologic Technology at WSBOCES
  • Must be in good physical and mental health
  • Must have a minimum GPA average in college of C or better
  • Must have college provide Associate’s degree and transcripts directly to WSBOCES – School of Radiologic Technology
  • Must take a Pre-Entrance Test (TEAS) which tests essential academic skills. Examinations are scheduled several times each year and are administered at WSBOCES’ Northport campus. For dates, times and other information, as well as the link to register, click here.
  • Successfully passing the Pre-Entrance Exam (TEAS) with a minimum of 50%  in Math and Science entitles you to continue with the application process, but does not guarantee acceptance into the program. After you are admitted to the school, we will notify you of the date of registration.
  • Submit official high school diploma or equivalency from High School directly to WSBOCES
  • Must provide three (3) references from non-family members. Two must be work references; one must be a character reference.
  • Must receive a personal interview
  • Must pass a 10 point drug screening test

Technical Standards for Admission

Each applicant must be able to:
1. Hear, see, smell, touch and distinguish colors.
2. Demonstrate 20/20, 20/30 vision with or without corrective lenses.
3. Observe the patient’s clinical status at all times.
4. Orally communicate clearly to the patient and interact compassionately and effectively.
5. Write with accuracy, clarity and efficiency.
6. Clearly hear a person calling for assistance from a minimum of 10 feet away.
7. Bend, stoop, push and pull routinely
8. Transfer a patient of 150 lbs. on and off a stretcher/bed.
9. Demonstrate manual dexterity in gross and fine movements.
10. Have full use of both hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and legs.
11. Push a wheelchair from patient’s waiting area
12. Reach up to six feet off the floor.
13. Lift 25 pounds of weight.
14. Visually monitor patients in the x-ray room from the control booth.
15. Audibly monitor patients and equipment.

Any applicant who does not meet the technical standards as outlined above is ineligible for admission to this program.