Exploratory Enrichment

Program #435

Susan Kessler, (631) 595-6814
Peggy Unger, (631) 360-3652

Exploratory EnrichmentThe Exploratory Enrichment service facilitates experiences that extend beyond traditional classroom instruction.  Western Suffolk BOCES coordinates schedules and contracts for K-12 presentations, workshops, in-school programs and field trips.  Member districts can choose from an array of service providers whose programs reinforce NYS Learning Standards with content not found in standard classroom coursework.  Through this program, BOCES will:

  • Maintain a database of enrichment activities by topic and grade level;
  • Facilitate searches initiated by school personnel or parent-teacher representatives who seek appropriate sites for field trips, guest speakers or workshop presenters to provide enrichment experiences for students in K-12;
  • Encourage the sharing of information between BOCES and schools by moderating a Facebook page for Exploratory Enrichment.
  • Screen and evaluate programs for suitability as enrichment activities for different grade levels;
  • Coordinate the scheduling of Exploratory Enrichment activities held in school buildings;
  • Include a coordinating fee

An alphabetical listing of the programs that have been approved can be viewed by clicking the letter group options below. Each program listing includes a link to the corresponding website. Focus of the programs are listed in parentheses after the names. Districts that have committed to a program are listed in italics UNDER the program name.

Programs require four weeks to process. Programs marked with an asterisk require 6 weeks to process. You should notify any program asking your school for a deposit that you will be contracting with Western Suffolk BOCES. Do not send a deposit and contact our office.

If the program you are looking for is not listed below, please contact us and we will try to add it to our offerings. We would be happy to help you research and plan your future programs.

Aaron Cooksey-Drop Your Pride (Anti-Bullying)
Academic Entertainment (Social Studies, STEM)
Addiction Educators LLC – Dr. Stephen Dewey (Health) (email: dmdmon22@gmail.com)
Adventure Bound (STEM, Social Studies)
Arts Horizon (Cultural Diversity)
Athletes Helping Athletes * (Leadership)
Atlantis Marine World/LI Aquarium (STEM)
A Vision in Motion (Anti-Bullying, Leadership, Motivational)
Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition (Health and Nutrition)
Benner’s Farm (STEM)
Boxout Bullying (Anti-Bullying)
Bright Star Children’s Theater (Black History Month) (bookings@brightstarteater.com)
Brookhaven National Lab * (STEM) Note: requires prepayment
Brooks Gibbs (Anti-Bullying, Social-Emotional)
Bully Frog (Anti-Bullying)
Bureau of Lectures (STEM)
Central Park Zoo (STEM)
Challenge Day Programs * (Anti-Bullying, Leadership)
Charles Plaskon * (Motivational, Disability Awareness)
Children’s Theater of NJ/Arithmetickles (STEM)
Class Act (Fitness, Motivational, STEM)
Clean Slate Living (Character Education, Health)
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory/Dolan DNA (STEM)
Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum (Social Studies, STEM)
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County (Social Studies, STEM)
Cradle of Aviation (STEM)Dinosaurs Rock (STEM)
Dixie II (STEM)
Donna Coogan* (Yoga and Mindfulness, Health)
contact: donnacoogan@aol.com
Glen Vogel/Trial of Goldilocks  (contact: glen.vogel@hofstra.edu) (Social Studies)
GingerbreadUniversity (Nutrition)
Girl Scouts of Suffolk County (STEM)
Gizmo D. Robot (contact: gizmorobot@gmail.com) (Anti-Bullying, Character Education)
Hakeem Rahim (Mental Health Advocates)
Harlem Wizards (Physical Fitness, Team Building)
Scott Harvey (Anti-Bullying, Character Education)
Hip Pickles (Anti-Bullying)
Hollyrock Entertainment (Team-Building)
Human Connection Institute (contact: sheldonshulman@yahoo.com) (Motivational, Leadership)
Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center (Anti-Bullying, Social Studies)I Game 4 (Physical Education, STEM)
Sharon Infante (Mindfulness, Yoga)
John Groshans (Internet Safety) (email: jgroshansfppd@gmail.com)
Jon Norberg (Physical Education, STEM)
Journeys Into American Indian Territory (Social Studies)Jungle Bob Enterprises (STEM)
Keith Davis (Motivational, Leadership)
Kerboom Kidz (Physical Fitness)
Kids Run Long Island (Mindfulness, Character Education, Health)
Lad in A Battle (Motivational)
Little Fish (STEAM)
Long Island Center for Arts & Sciences (contact: dwaldenb@optonline.net) (STEM)
Long Island Children’s Museum (STEM)
Long Island Council of Churches (Anti-Bullying, Leadership, Motivational, Social Studies)
Long Island Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (Health)
Long Island Museum (Social Studies)
Long Island Science Center (STEM)

Mad Science Long Island (STEM)
Mark Rothstein World of Jump Rope (Physical Fitness)
Maritime Explorium of Port Jefferson Harbor (STEM, Social Studies)
Meredith O’Connor (Anti-Bullying, Motivational)
Michael Harrold * (Social Studies)
Mobile Productions (STEM)
Montauk Lighthouse (Social Studies)
Myachi (Physical Fitness)

Nancy Kaplan * (contact: kaplann@stjohns.edu) (Anti-Bullying, Leadership, Motivational)
New York Hall of Science (STEM)
Nick Jacinto (STEM)
Nick Scott (Disability, Motivational Speaker)
Nicole Coogan (Mindfulness and Yoga)
Nightsky Star Lab * (STEM)
North Shore Land Alliance (STEM)

Old Bethpage Village Restoration (Social Studies)
Paul Wichansky (Anti-Bullying, Disability, Motivational)
Perfection on Wheels (Anti-Bullying, Health, Physical Education)
Petland Animal Programs (STEM)
Petra Puppets (Math and Science)
Planting Fields (STEM)
Prismatic Magic (Social Studies and STEM)
Quogue Wildlife Refuge (STEM)
Rainforest Explorations (Contact: Steven Fratello: danusha2@verizon.net) (STEM)
Raynham Hall (Social Studies)
Roger von Braun (Suicide Prevention)
Rohan Murphy (Disability, Leadership, Motivational)
Ryan Patrick Halligan Organization (Anti-Bullying)

Schmitt Farm (STEM)
Kate Schumacher (Cyber Civics)
Science Museum of Long Island (STEM)
Science Road Shows (STEM)
SCOPE (Anti-Bullying)
Scott Harvey (Leadership, Motivational)
Smithtown Historical Society (Social Studies)
Soren Bennick Productions (Anti-Bullying)
Squeaky Clean (Character Education)
Steven Pinto (Character Education)
Suffolk County Archaeological Association (Social Studies)

Teen Truth (Anti-Bullying, Motivational)
Theatre Works (Social Studies)
Theater X/Dinoman (STEM)
There and Back/Ken Bartolo (Motivational/Health)
Three Village Historical Society (Social Studies)
TR Sanctuary/National Audubon (STEM)

United Skates (STEM)

Vanderbilt Museum/Planetarium (STEM, Social Studies)
Volunteers for Wildlife (STEM)

Waldron Schultz (Fitness)
Walt Whitman’s Birthplace (Social Studies)
White Post Farms (STEM)
Wiese Training and Development (Leadership)

Option 1 for districts with allocated funds for current year.

  • Contact the program and reserve your date.
  • Tell program to send Western Suffolk BOCES the invoice for your activity.
  • Complete appropriate form to request either Field Trip or 
    In-School Program. Both forms are PDFs that you can complete online. (Depending on your computer’s browser, you may have to click in the upper right corner to open the PDF with the free Adobe Reader. Then you can enter your information.)
  • Click ” Submit” or fax form to Peggy Unger at 631-623-4912 a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of program. (4 weeks in advance of prepaid programs)
  • Western Suffolk BOCES will then submit all requests to your school district for approval.
Option 2 for districts starting a new Exploratory Enrichment Program

  • Contact Peggy Unger at punger@wsboces.org or (631)360-3652
  • Discuss program options
  • Contact your School District Business Office/Superintendent’s Office, and request a contract letter be sent to Western Suffolk BOCES requesting your program and the amount the program costs.  Exploratory Enrichment staff can assist you with this procedure. No program can take place until your school district has requested your program in writing.
  • After BOCES has received your official request letter, complete appropriate form to request either Field Trip or In-School Program
  • Fax form to Peggy Unger at 631-623-4912 a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of program. (4 weeks in advance of prepaid programs)