Communication Coordinators

The main function of the Communication Coordinators, also known as Liaisons, is to provide two-way communication between the member libraries and the School Library System. Every district has one Liaison who is a certified school library media specialist appointed by the District Superintendent for a one-year term. There is a non-public school Liaison who represents the non-public school members of the School Library System. There are four full-day meetings each year of the Liaisons. In addition to the business meeting, professional development is offered for the Liaisons and any other school library media specialist with permission to attend. Some of the responsibilities of Liaisons include:

  • Attend the regular meetings or designate a district proxy to attend.
  • Share information received from the system with all of the library media specialists in the district.
  • Recommend the development of committees or interest groups.
  • Bring the needs of the library users (students, faculty, administrators) to the attention of the system.
  • Identify subject experts among member librarians and others. Recruit them to participate in system projects, workshops, etc.
  • Identify and suggest potential Council members.

For further information about the Communication Coordinators, contact Sara Kardasz, Program Administrator, 631-595-6834.