Technical Standards Policy for Admission

School of Practical Nursing and
School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Northport, New York 11768
(631) 261-3721

Technical Standards Policy for Admission to these Schools


This policy outlines the technical standards that each applicant /student must be able to accomplish in order to fulfill the responsibilities of a student in either practical nursing or diagnostic medical sonography in the clinical setting.


Each applicant must be able to:
1. Must be able to hear, see, smell, touch and distinguish colors.
2. Demonstrate 20/20, 20/30 vision with or without corrective lenses.
3. Observe the patient’s clinical status at all times.
4. Orally communicate clearly to the patient and interact compassionately and effectively.
5. Write with accuracy, clarity and efficiency.
6. Clearly hear a person calling for assistance from a minimum of 10 feet away.
7. Bend, stoop, push and pull routinely
8. Transfer a patient of 150 lbs. on and off a stretcher/bed.
9. Demonstrate manual dexterity in gross and fine movements.
10. Have full use of both hands, wrists, shoulders and legs.

Any applicant who does not meet the technical standards as outlined above is ineligible for admission to this program.