Administrative and Capital Charge Increases Under 2%; Annual Meeting April 1o

The proposed Western Suffolk BOCES budget for 2018-19 results in a 1.8% increase in the administrative charge and a 1.9% increase in the capital charge, for a combined increase of 1.8%. Over the past seven years, the average increase of the administrative charge has been 1.54% and the average increase for the capital charge has been 0.56%.

The administrative charge is set by subtracting revenues from the administrative budget. The increase in the charge that is assessed to component districts is 1.8%. Two districts will see declines in their combined administrative and capital charges. The administrative charge is distributed to the districts based on a weighted 3-year average of their daily student attendance. After having been frozen for six of the last seven years, the capital budget will see an increase of 1.9% in 2018-19.

The total proposed BOCES budget for 2018-19 is $165,636,972. Of this, 89.5% is driven by programs and services that local school districts request. Of the remainder, 2.7% are costs of administration; 5.8% for post-retirement benefits; and 2.0% for the capital budget.

The newsletter Budget News contains additional information about the BOCES administrative and capital budgets and how the charges are allocated to each district. The 2018-19 Tentative Budget contains details about the administrative, capital and program budgets.

Annual Meeting April 10

The BOCES Board will present the budget and answer questions at its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 10 in the Large Conference Room at the Central Administration Office, 507 Deer Park Rd., Dix Hills. By
law, the 18 Boards of Education within Western Suffolk BOCES will vote on the BOCES administrative budget on April 24 when local boards will also elect two members to serve three-year terms on the Western Suffolk
BOCES Board.