Alternate Learning Centers

Alternate Learning Centers

Located in Local District Schools
Program #253.010
Dr. Sylvia Neira, Assistant Principal
(631) 595-6899

Alternative Learning Centers are special classes that bridge the gap between classes for the disabled at Western Suffolk BOCES centers and classes for the disabled and non-disabled students located in local school districts. Classes, staffed by Western Suffolk BOCES teachers and paraprofessionals, deliver instruction that incorporates the Common Core Learning Standards to students referred by participating school districts. Mainstreaming within the host school classes is available where appropriate.

ALC classes serve a variety of youngsters ages 5 through 21. Groupings are determined by the severity of need and similarity of educational, social and physical functioning. Classes serve disabled students ages 5 through 21 in district elementary, middle and high schools.

Available Class Size Groupings
Option IIIA
8 Students : 1 Teacher + 1 Paraprofessional

Itinerant Services For Visually and Hearing Impaired

Located in Local District Schools
Program #503.100 (formerly 414)
(631) 491-4390

Itinerant Services for the Visually Impaired
Itinerant services are available to blind and partially sighted students in their home schools. The itinerant teacher carries out an ongoing program with local school staff so they can help a student develop those skills needed to function optimally in the regular school setting. These skills can include the use of optical and visual aids, tactile and auditory aids, braille reading and writing, listening and oral communication, orientation, mobility, travel, proficiency in the skills of daily living, counseling in social adjustment, independence, efficient use of resources and personal organization.

Itinerant Services for the Hearing Impaired
Mainstreamed hearing impaired students are eligible for this complete language oriented, academic support program in their home schools. Based upon individual need, certified teachers of the deaf provide intensive language development, auditory training, speech correction, lip reading and academic tutoring program as well as sign language, manual alphabet and lip reading. The service is coordinated with the curriculum thus requiring close cooperation with the classroom teacher in the home school.

Available Class Size Groupings
Class Size Groupings Not Applicable