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Get the answers to all your questions about taking a class in the adult education program that Western Suffolk BOCES offers!


What is the BOCES Privacy Policy?

Western Suffolk BOCES is committed to honoring the privacy of students and visitors. Read more.

How do I buy books?

Save time and money by ordering required textbooks online from the virtual bookstore. Textbooks are sold at a discount and shipped right to your home. (Remember, there’s no software to buy!). Textbooks are needed for your first class.

Go to Bookstore. Then, find the name of the class you are taking and follow the link to purchase. All workbooks must be purchased as new.

Refund policies and shipping times are determined by each vendor and will vary. Neither Western Suffolk BOCES nor Wilson Technological Center assume responsibility, either real or implied, for your transaction. In the event a class is canceled for any reason or you decide to withdraw from the class, students are responsible for textbook returns and any refunds available to them. If you have any questions about the textbook for your class, call (631) 667-6000 x320.

Do BOCES programs for adults qualify for Veteran’s Benefits?
Veterans may qualify for free training at Western Suffolk BOCES or Wilson Technological Center through the Division of Veteran Affairs. Contact your local Veterans’ representative or call (631) 667-6000 x157 to speak with our veterans’ advisor.

What if I have special needs?
Many of our programs are appropriate for adults with special needs. Please contact the Career Center at (631) 667-6000 ext. 152 with specific questions. Call prior to your first day of class so that our staff can make an effort to assist you with any necessary arrangements. All our facilities are wheelchair accessible.

What is the refund policy for full-time programs?


Cancellation and Refund Policy

How do I get a transcript?
All students will be provided a student copy of their transcript upon completion at no cost. To request a duplicate copy of certificates and/or transcripts, complete and return our form with the required fee. Click here to print and fill out the form.

How can I get a tuition reimbursement letter?

Upon the completion of a course, you may request an “Employee Tuition Reimbursement Letter” from Western Suffolk BOCES. The letter will be mailed directly to your employer. To request a letter, please complete the following form and press the submit button. Allow 2 – 3 weeks to receive the letter.


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