Mission Statement for Radiologic Technology Program

Mission Statement:

To provide an environment for radiography students to become qualified and competent radiologic technologists in a healthcare setting. We join with the healthcare community to provide post associate degree level education to individuals and to encourage the students toward life-long education.


Goal #1 – The student/graduate will be clinically competent.


  • Students will provide appropriate patient care
  • Students will demonstrate clinical competency appropriate to their level of clinical experience
  • Students will perform all exams safely
  • Students will produce quality diagnostic images

Goal #2 – The student/graduate will demonstrate professionalism.


  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of professionalism
  • Students will demonstrate a professional behavior
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of patient confidentiality (HIPAA)

Goal #3 – The student/graduate will demonstrate effective communication.


  • Student will use oral communication skills effectively with healthcare professionals and patients
  • Student will demonstrate effective presentation skills
  • Student will display effective written skills

 Goal #4 – The student/graduate will demonstrate effective critical thinking skills.


  • Students will be able to modify routine procedures for non-routine patients
  • Students will effectively analyze and critique diagnostic images to determine if corrective action is required
  • Students/graduates will acquire critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities that enhance their clinical experience