Admission Criteria

  1. To be admitted to the BOCES School of Aviation Maintenance Technology, a student must first meet one of the following criteria:
    • Proof of a U.S. high school diploma or GED
    • If from a war torn country, a self-certifying letter
    • If credentials are from another country, an authorized evaluation of credentials
  2. To be successful in the BOCES Aviation Maintenance Technology program, students should have a keen interest in aviation, an aptitude for hands-on tasks, an ability to follow directions, and an inclination to pay careful attention to details.
  3. Successful score on Entrance Exam and Mechanical Aptitude Test
  4. Interview and review of test scores by Administration will determine eligibility into the program. Individual counseling and review of the student’s ability to succeed may result in recommended remediation prior to admission. Call 631-752-1957 to schedule your Entrance Exam and speak with the Aviation Program Coordinator.


Program details and policies are described in full in the Aviation Maintenance Technology Handbook, which is provided to students upon enrollment. Read carefully.