Course of Study

Program Length: 1,200 hours

For those preparing for certification in Surgical Technology, students must attend for a total of 1,200 hours. Classes begin in February and July and take one calendar year to complete. Students attend during summer months but provisions are made for legal holidays and vacation periods.

Program hours

The Surgical Technology program is a full-time program.
Classroom: 9 AM–2:30 PM, Mon. – Fri.
Clinical: times may range from 6:30 AM–2:30 PM or from 7 AM-3:30 PM, depending on assignment


Study Skills
Human Body I & II
Fundamentals of Surgical Care

Surgical Procedures I & II
Clinical Practice

Clinical Affiliates

Long Island Community Hospital
Good Samaritan Medical Center
John T. Mather Memorial Hospital
Northport Veterans Administration Medical Center
Huntington Hospital Northwell Health

South Shore University Hospital
Peconic Bay Medical Center
St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center
St. Charles Hospital
St. Francis Hospital
St. Joseph Hospital

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Western Suffolk BOCES wants all students to succeed in the programs it offers. To earn a certificate of completion, BOCES has established criteria for both attendance and academic progress outlined below. Students must meet these SAP requirements for pre-licensure. All other relevant policies are available in the Surgical Technology Handbook of Western Suffolk BOCES. Students must acknowledge their under-standing of all stipulations and terms before admittance.

Graduation Requirements
Criteria for successful completion of the program are:

  1. Attainment of a transcript grade of 75% or better for each area of study, a grade of 70% in the first clinical rotation and a grade of 75% in the second clinical rotation (the transcript grade is a computation of all grades achieved in each area of study and is part of the student’s permanent record).
  2. Satisfaction of all financial obligations. The maximum time frame for course completed cannot exceed one and one half times the course length.
  3. Fulfillment of attendance requirements.
  4. Satisfactory completion of a total of 120 standard procedures in the first scrub role or first scrub with assist role in the designated areas.
  5. Satisfactory completion of the comprehensive practice certification exam/remediation given prior to graduation
  6. Completion of the NBSTSA CST Examination
Students who withdraw from the School of Surgical Technology and wish to return at a future date may submit a letter in writing to be considered by the Admissions Committee. Due to the progressive nature of Surgical Technology courses and clinical experiences, students may only receive credit for previous courses taken at Western Suffolk BOCES if they return within 6 months of initial withdrawal. Students who have withdrawn from the program for more than 6 months, or were dismissed for any cause will not receive any credit for previous coursework/clinical and must apply as a new applicant to the school.
Students withdrawing from the program must submit a letter to the program administrator. Upon receipt of a letter, a change of status will be instituted. A refund will be awarded according to the established refund policy.
Transfer Hours
Transfer of credit from other educational institutions is not acceptable as Western Suffolk BOCES is not a credit bearing institution. All programs must be completed in entirety to obtain a certificate of completion.

Students may elect to transfer to another program by submitting a written request to the Principal. A transfer will be granted only if the following criteria are met:

  1. Student can only transfer to a program that is currently in progress.
  2. Principal reserves the right to approve/deny transfer based on student enrollment and sound educational practice.

Students may only request an inter-program transfer one time.

Attendance and punctuality are of the utmost importance and are considered to be an integral part of performance. The School of Surgical Technology requires that students attend ALL classes.

Classroom: A maximum of three (3) excused classroom absences are permitted. If a student reaches the maximum number of absences a warning letter will be sent and student will be placed on probation. Students who incur three absences over the allotted total will be dismissed from the program.

Clinical: The maximum allowable clinical absences are three (3) days. Absences in excess of the allotted days will have to be made up at an additional cost to the student.


Janet Hotis, CST, AAS Program Director
Kristen Klein, Supervisor for Adult and Secondary Programs
Jocetta Gavala, CST, AS Clinical Coordinator
Karen Salter, CST, AAS
William Torres, CST
Melissa Ramos, Financial Aid, 631/261-3600 x214
Donna Cassano, Bursar, 631/261-3600 x314